Sunday, 31 May 2015

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[Including pebbles, gravel, rockery stones, etc... as mew can nuffur have enough!]


[Young Parsley, was being coy again using a tulip as cover!!!]


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Saturday, 30 May 2015

The Saturday Solution ~ An Informational Post

Welcome to another installment of

The Saturday Solution

 ~ An informational Sponsored Post ~ 

Many Greetings Pawesome Furriends

What a week it's been, and if mew remember last weekend we put the P.A. through the mill, mew can see her handy work here:

So anyhoo, we, collectively know as the Kitty Clan, thought that she did a truly tremendous job in the garden with all the raised beds and decided that she deserved something nice or a bit speshul from us to show our ongoing appreciation fur all her hard work.

So we got together, as we do and began to have a serious discussion on how best to reward her efforts.

*   *   *

'The Gift'

 "I think we should get her a great big box of catnip, with a lovely pink bow on it!" Smooch said.

I almost, almost snorted. "Smooch," I replied in my most serious tone. "I don't think the P.A. wants catnip, I think you'd like a big box of it fur yourself!"

Smooch dropped his head in shame and went silent.

Parsley laughed out loud. "Smooch, mew got caught right out there!"

"Well your suggestion of some new mouse toys was really pants!" Smooch retorted.

"Well it beats having to give her the real thing to deal with!" Parsley replied. "Mew know how she gets when we bring 'em back alive and leave them fur her to find!"

"Enough," I said sternly. "Now look, let's get serious, we are not getting the P.A. any cat related goodies ok?"

The Clan nodded in agreement.

"We need something a little more sophisticated fur her, mew know how she likes nice things, so get your thinking caps on and let's get her something she'll love and Parsley mew're paying as mew're the one with all the money!"

Parsley gave me a rather sheepish look and nodded.

Amber suddenly began to wave her paws rather ecstatically. "Eureka!" she exclaimed excitedly.

The five of us [and spirit-kitty Posie] looked at her rather suspiciously.

"Eureka?" I asked. "What the flip is a Eureka?"

"Oh mew guys, get with the programme, what does the P.A. love?" Amber asked.

We all shrugged and stared blankly at her.

Amber harrumphed rather loudly. "Don't mew guys pay attention to anything?  The P.A. loves softness!" she declared as if we all understood her completely bonkers cryptic-ness.

"Softness," we all murmured.

"Yes, she loves softness, soft fabrics," Amber said rather sharply. "She loves cashmere and merino wool!"

"Oh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" we all exclaimed.

"Are we all on the same page now?" she asked. 

We got together in group huddle and pondered this revelation.  Coming up fur air I said. "Oh so that's what she wears, cropped merino wool and cashmere cardigans!"

Amber nodded.  "Yes, she wears cashmere and I think we should get her a new cropped cashmere and merino wool cardigan!"

We all looked at her in astonishment. "What a totally brilliant idea, I can't believe I didn't come up with it myself!" I said. "Get the iPad guys, we're going shopping fur supurr soft woolly jumpers."

Seconds later Parsley and Smooch appeared with the iPad and off we went into cyberspace on a cute cardigan shopping expedition.

After much purrusal, we found the most purrfect one effur; a supurr cute merino wool and cashmere cardigan in a hot pink colour from the ladieswear section of an online store the P.A. has shopped with on numerous occasions.

"The P.A. will be most delighted," we all agreed, after Parsley had paid fur it.

"I can't wait to see her surprise when it arrives!" I said.

So watch this space, as we'll be posting pictures of the new cardi when it arrives and hopefully the P.A. will model it too! MOL

*   *   *

Happy Caturday Furriends

Enjoy your day and we'll be here tomorrow with Sunday Selfies

Until then

Bestest Purrs

Basil & Co XOX

Friday, 29 May 2015

The Pet Parade Blog Hop No: 94 ~ Hosted by Rascal & Rocco Co-Hosted by Basil & Jan's Funny Farm & Love is Being Owned By A Husky & Barking from the Bayou



Welcome to another fabulous edition of The Pet Parade, and mew know how much we look forward to this effury week and love to see who's joining us!

We've had quite a busy week thus far, mew can catch up here if mew missed anything in reverse order:

And tomorrow we're back with another Informational Post on The Saturday Solution.

So we haven't really had time to even nap propurrly! MOL

In other news, Smooch had a flea aka juffa on his head the other night, the P.A. thought he'd got some eye-snot on his eyebrow and went to remove it and the eye-snot moved and began to crawl towards his ear, so she got the offending juffa and squished good and propurr.  Then it was a total lock down, the juffa comb came out and we were all thoroughly inspected and had a de-juffering treatment just in case.  No further juffa's were found but mew can imagine 'Juffa-Watch' is on full alert now.

We know where the offending party came from, Smooch had a bird* earlier that evening, so that's the source and hopefully due to the diligent and swift actions of the P.A. that's the last of them fur a while - Juffa-Genocide Protocol is in Action!


[*The Tabbies of Trout Towne will be best purrleased at this news! Smooch did it just fur mew guys, in honour of the cause, that's what he told us! MOL & ROTFLOL]
So on that note, we'll wish mew all a supurr furry weekend, and hope that mew can drop by tomorrow and we'll be back with Sunday Selfies, obviously on Sunday!

Kitty kisses and many hugs

Basil & Co xox

Pet Parade- Animals are taking over. #PetBloggers grow and share with us! All posts get pinned

With our fabulous hosts Rascal & Rocco, and pawesome co-hosts Jan's Funny FarmersLove is Being Owned By A Husky and Barking From The Bayou so don't furget to visit them and see what exciting stuff they've all been up to this week, we know mew won't be disappointed!

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Thursday, 28 May 2015

Tuesday Tails on Thursday! The Curse of The Klepto Bunny ~ Part V

Welcome to

glitter maker

featuring our latest high octane adventure 

Thursday Greetings Furriends

We are here at last, if mew're wundering why Tuesday Tails is occurring on Thursday, purrlease click here to find out why we are so shamefully late with this weeks riveting and explosive episode.

If mew've missed out on the story thus far, please click the links below to get up to speed:


A quick recap from last week...

As the doors closed I lept to Parsley, prised his mouth open as he was so incoherent by this time and I furry carefully poured the green liquid down his throat. He began to splutter and cough rather alarmingly.

"Parsley dude, swallow! Fur all that is merciful, SWALLOW!" I yelled at him as his body started to shake and spasm uncontrollably.

I gave Smooch a withering glance through the window as I prepared fur the worst.

** AND CUT! **


Part Five

'Holy Smokes I think we did it!'


The interminable red glow pulsed most disconcertingly and I stared on in helpless abandonment as poor young Parsley writhed on the floor in agony.

He let out a pitiful yowl and and I winced as though I'd been kicked in the gut.  This was truly the most excruciating thing I'd had to witness in such a furry long time.

"Parsley, dude, can mew here me?" I asked urgently.

His eyes rolled back and there was a loud tearing popping noise.

"Parsley!!!" I yelled, just as a bright orange flash temporarily blinded me.

I opened my eyes, squinting to focus and saw that Parsley was now glowing tangerine orange. He was still writhing on the metal floor murmuring soft pitiful cries.  But I didn't have time to draw breath when there was another tearing, agonizing crack followed by a bright green flare of light.

As my eyes adjusted once more, Parsley still lay in a contorted position, his muscles a-spasm and jerking violently.  His breathing was fast and hard, horrendously laboured as though he couldn't get enough oxygen.

"Smooch, Smooch!" I called out. "Get Posie on the comms-system and ask her what freak is happening."

 I heard a scrabbling sound and Smooch hit the comms button in the corridor.  His voice echoed through the bunker.

"Posie, Posie, Posie!" he said desperately. "Basil wants stats on Parsley STAT!"

There was a brief pause and then Posie answered. "Parsley's vitals are holding, his heartbeat is highly elevated, and his blood pressure is starting to exceed parameters in the upper range but the good news is the Nano-Bots are being drawn into his stomach, they are gathering like a mass migration..." she took a breath. "This is exactly what I wanted, but mew need to get him on his feet fur the final stage... do it now, we don't have any time left!"

I got my paws underneath Parsley quicker than mew could say 'jumping jack jeepers what the freak is happening'

I stabilized him in an upright position and took two steps back, and sat.

"Parsley," I said.  "It's going to be ok, trust me."

He looked at me like he wanted to die, right there and then.  His eyes were filled with so much pain and anguish, I could have wept fur him, but I had to keep strong, fur his sake. He took a slow deep breath and then let out an earsplitting scream, one that would haunt my dreams fur a long time to come.  He backed up a couple of paces, his back arching and then he began to projectile vomit.

Then he puked some more, retching till his jaws nearly dislocated, and a frothy green foamy goo spread across the floor as he continued to evacuate his stomach contents.  After a few minutes he sat panting hard, his fur separated in a clammy sweaty mess and just stared at me, then at what he just expelled and then back at me.

"It's going to be ok," I said gently. "And look you didn't get any puke on my fur, it was furry close though!"

He nodded with a weak smile, his eyes closing wearily fur a moment and then he said. "That was the wurst furball effur in the history of furballs!" 

Posie's voice sounded over the comms-system again. "Basil, mew and Parsley need get out of there now, the way I programmed the formula, it's going to vaporise the Nano-Bots within 60 seconds of total expulsion and if you're still in there, mew'll both get vaporised too!"

"Smooch, we're coming out!" I yelled dashing to Parsley and hauling him to the doors, I punched in the override code and the doors swooshed open, Humphrey was there in a heartbeat, he grabbed Parsley as Smooch hit the release button to enable the external blast doors to clang to the floor.

A huge whooshing sound followed by a high pitched fizzing pop blasted the doors and the sudden heat that permeated the heavy metal barrier made my fur tingle.

The noise died and Posie's voice rang out again. "Containment Bay is clear, I repeat the Containment Bay is clear, the Nano-Bots have been destroyed and Parsley is going to be just fine, his stats are normalizing by the second."

I let out a huge sigh, Smooch grinned a wide toothy smile at me.  Humphrey who was still holding Parsley upright visibly relaxed and Parsley just let his whole body go limp.

"Let's get Parsley to the Med Bay and then we're having a meeting, a furry serious meeting too," I said.

*   *   *

After Parsley was tucked up safe and sound in the Med Bay, given a nice tasty snack and the door securely locked, just in case of intruders again, the rest of us reconvened in the Control Room.

"This has been a furry bad day indeed," I began. "Amber, tell me mew have good news."

Amber gave me a look, and I knew that look all too well. "Basil, where do I begin..." she paused, seemingly trying to find the right words. "I went to guard the munitions room as per protocol and we've been cleaned out, I could smell ferret effurywhere.  I tracked them down the field but then they just seemed to vanish into thin air."

"Can I not get any good news today?" I sighed wearily.

"Well, if it's any consolation," Snowie said. "All systems are still fully operational and I've got  a satellite tracking the Baron as we speak."

"And where is the evil, dastardly bunny?" I asked.

  But before Snowie could speak, the emergency siren began to blare throughout the entire complex, signalling a perimeter breach.

I stared at the external camera feed. "Oh for flips sake, could my day get any worse!  Battle stations, we're under attack!"

** AND CUT! **

*     *     *

OMC, Poor Parsley will he effur be the same again? 

And were all the Nano-Bots destroyed? 

What is Baron Von Booney's dastardly master-plan

And who are the ferrets?

And who are they working fur?

Where have all arms and ammunition gone?

Whose satellite are mew using and is it illegal?

Who's attacking the bunker?

And how are mew going to defend yourselves now?

I'm sure mew have many more questions, and we will do our furry best to answer these and many more in future posts, so don't furget to stop by fur next weeks thrilling installment of:

The Curse of The Klepto Bunny

And in the meantime, if mew would like to rediscover the total insanity of The Pink Flamingo Saga, here's the links:

 Part I ~ Part II ~ Part III ~ Part IV  Part V ~ Part VI ~  Part VII ~ Part VIII ~  Part IX ~ Part X

*     *     *

We'll be back tomorrow with our usual slot of The Pet Parade, until then

the furry bestest Thursday Purrs

Basil & Co xox


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Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Wordy on Wednesday

Greetings Furriends

Many of mew left comments on yesterdays post regarding what types of plants we needed in the new raised beds, mainly catnip! MOL

Well, as it happens we already have a plentiful supply of catmint in the garden, in fact this year one of the plants is so big all of us could get lost in it!  The furst 3 photo's were taken last summer of me having a really good time and the next 4 were taken today.

No: 1

No: 2

No: 3

No: 4

As mew can now see, there are four millwheels with more than enough fur effuryone... the P.A. planted them in the millwheels as trying to get into a plant pot and roll around just wasn't happening fur any of us, so she furry kindly solved the problem and now we can roll and roll and roll, lay in it, bathe in it, snooze in it and really, to be purrfectly honest, it's completely fabulous.  Effury home should have such a delivery system fur maximum enjoyment.

In fact it could be time fur a

glitter maker

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

**PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT** Tuesday Tails ~ The Curse of The Klepto Bunny ~ Part V


Dear Pawesome Furriends

We are furry sorry to inform mew that due to a disturbance in the force and an unexpected glitch in the cosmos our normal Tuesday programming schedule has been severely and most rudely interrupted.
In other words it's totally and unequivocally disrupted!

Actually, if mew read our Friday Post mew'll know that we had big plans fur the P.A. this weekend, and it seems our plans were a little ambitious, thus rendering today's post somewhat behind schedule due to fingers being worked to the bone from the moving of 5 tonnes of soil fur the raised beds, the good news is, the P.A. didn't need to go to the gym all weekend and her biceps are looking real good! MOL  The only outside job left uncompleted from our furry long tick sheet was the spraying of the weeds due to atmospheric conditions being non-conducive all weekend ie: too flipping windy. But we remain hopeful fur still conditions one evening this week, so we can put the tick sheet in the bin! 

These are 3 the raised beds in the courtyard complete with the magic runner beans planted, we are uncertain as to whether these will be just fur vegetables or a combo of flowers and veg...  there will be purple broccoli being planted, that is a certainty! MOL

This is the fourth in front of the summerhouse, [The P.A. also adorned the summerhouse with 400 twinkly lights as well.] This bed is finished and planted with lavender, foxgloves, delphiniums, lupins, pinks, snapdragons, sage, plus some large white daisies at the back against the fence, and then it was mulched.  It will be properly pretty when in full bloom. 

So mew can see it was a big job, but worth it.  We are loving laying on the sleepers, a new snoozy spot fur us cats.


Howeffur we cannot apologise enough fur the disruption, as we know many of mew are sitting anxiously, and purrhaps even chewing ones own claws to the quick in nervous apprehension as to Parsley's imminent fate.

We will endeavor to patch the P.A.'s fingers sufficiently enough fur her to complete her duties here and get the post up as fast as pawsible.


So in the meantime, please enjoy some light refreshments and we'll entertain mew with this!

Press play anytime to be instantly soothed and relaxed...

We even recommend shaking purrtend maracas [unless mew have real ones - even better!] in time with the mewsic... it has helped us enormously throughout this entire supurr stressful ordeal.


 So in the meantime, if mew missed last Tuesday's episode, catch up here:  

And Part V will be posted on Thursday instead.


Thank mew all fur your kind understanding

Bestest purrs

Basil xx 

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